Personal Plan

Personal Plan

Your personalised Financial Game Plan (FGP) is like a ‘sat nav’ for your finances. It will show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be financially. It’s a valuable tool which can be adjusted along the journey to keep you on track.

It will help you make a plan for reaching your goals, such as: a deposit for a new house, education for your children, or even a dream holiday. It also helps you understand how to achieve your retirement goals. You’ll find out what you need to do now to make a comfortable retirement possible.

The FGP gives you a clear strategy on how to pay off your mortgage faster and pay off those credit cards and loans more quickly as well. It even shows you how many years and how much interest you could save!

Our representatives will also help you work out your protection needs and identify other areas in which you may need help. They will give you clear direction and support towards reaching your financial destination.

Personal Protection

Personal Protection is an important factor in most plans and we aim to help families identify the different types of protection they may need.

  • Life Insurance

    Helps protect your family and provide for their future needs in the unfortunate event of death. A pre-determined amount will be paid out to your family to protect them from financial hardship.

  • Serious Illness Cover

    Protects your family from financial hardship in the event of a serious illness. It provides for a tax-free lump sum to be paid out during the term of your policy.

  • Private Medical Insurance

    Offers fast access to high-quality treatment when you need it, at a range of facilities of your choice.

  • Income Protection

    Provides income in the event of being unable to work or return to work due to illness, injury or disability. If eligible, income protection will pay you through your policy term.

Buildings and Contents

We have a specialist service provider for combined insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance and landlord’s insurance.

Wills and Trusts

Making sure you have an up to date will is a crucial start to planning your legacy and providing the relevant trust for your family.


Our provider for pensions is able to provide you with guidance on what to do with your current pension pot to plan for your retirement.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance covers businesses for the financial risk of compensation claims made as a result of illness, injury or loss of property. There is a wide range of products to choose from including professional indemnity, public liability and more.

Debt Solutions

Our specialist provider can help with any debts including credit cards, loans, IVAs, bankruptcy, etc.

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