The average person goes through 14,000 hours of education in school, and little (if any) of that time is spent in learning how to manage money. At Genistar we believe that the right education can empower everyone to take charge of their finances and achieve financial freedom.

In addition to educating our clients on an individual basis through our FGP (Financial Game Plan), we also offer Financial Freedom courses for groups and organisations.

Genistar’s Financial Freedom course is our basic curriculum to help you get started on your journey to financial freedom. We offer this course to the general public from time to time, but we can also customise it, or create a completely bespoke one for organisations that want something specific.

Why should your organisation offer a Genistar course?

The financial strategies that we teach empower people to take charge of their own financial futures. Organisations that sponsor a course can benefit by using them to add value to their members and increase goodwill.

Financial Freedom Courses

Have a look at some of the Financial Freedom courses we can provide. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our courses for your organisation, contact your Genistar representative, or contact our Field Support Centre here


Courses for Businesses

Many companies offer financial education as a benefit to their employees. A Lunch and Learn format often works well for this.

Charitable Organizations

Courses for Charitable Organisations

Charitable organisations might offer courses as a benefit to their members, as a fundraiser, or as a service to the community.

Bespoke Courses

We Can Design a Course for You

You don’t have to be a business or charity to sponsor a Financial Freedom course. We can provide courses for small or large groups, and they can be as general or detailed as desired.

Other Courses

Young People/Families

Courses for Young People

We are developing some courses to teach financial principals to young people. It’s never too early to begin.

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Short Courses

Short Courses for Everyone

We will be offering free, short, online courses that could benefit everyone. From mindset to money matters.

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For more information, please contact your Genistar representative or enquire here.

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