At Genistar, we take pride in providing the financial education necessary to allow people to make informed choices for their personal finances. Read what people have to say about us.

Positively Transforming Lives

Genistar’s Financial Education adds immense value to its listeners’ lives. It continues to transform my life in ways that catch me off guard. Its far-reaching impact includes deeply enmeshed change in each family‘s financial habits, ultimately empowering that family’s sociological presence.

Genistar is set to be a contemporary force, positively transforming countless lives as they pay close attention to its message of financial intelligence.


Our Genistar Rep Brought Us Hope

You may think that you need a celebrity or a great tycoon or a politician to change your life. Well, that may never happen. Often it’s the little people that you do not know about that are the people God sends to change your life. Not in what they bring or offer. But just the simple things they do…

When our Genistar representative knocked at our door, little did we know that he was bringing us a realm of hope.

Thank you for treating us with kindness, for not looking down upon us, for telling us that we are not alone, for giving us words of encouragement that made us start thinking of what to do with our finances and also our home. Thank you for allowing God to use you in changing our lives.


The Financial Plan Is So Helpful

Thank you so much (Genistar rep) for helping us get fantastic life insurance and security for the future.

I didn’t even know there is so much packed in one cover and I can sleep with peace of mind if hubby ever drops dead too early. I don’t have to stress over finance.

The financial plan is so helpful to create and see what needs to change.


Helps Us Understand How Money Works

This company help us to understand how money works thru financial education and gives us a clear plan to achieve our goals and dreams. This company is highly recommended! See for yourself how they can help you with your finance for free!


Would Highly Recommend

Would highly recommend Genistar to anyone who wants to put their finances in order and get some useful info about what is important and not!!! Thank you so much, Genistar, for your lovely approach and help!


I Now Know Where I Am With My Finances

Having a family makes you think long and hard about your future and so I contacted my Genistar rep to give me some direction in this area.

What I got was a very sobering, yet necessary look at the bigger picture (looking through one squinted eye beyond my hand), and a plan going forwards.

I now know where I am with my finances as my Genistar rep broke it down into very understandable chunks which helped massively as I was in overwhelm with it all.

In short, anyone freaking out about the state of their money affairs might want to get in touch with Genistar.


Professional Yet Approachable

(My Genistar representative) was extremely helpful in organising my financial goals and improving my life insurance cover. She gave me excellent ideas on how to improve paying off my mortgage and managing my savings in a professional yet approachable way. If you need help in becoming more ‘moneywise’ and optimising your finances, I would highly recommend speaking with Genistar.


Genistar Is An Excellent Company

Genistar is an excellent company as it is the only company that gave me a free road map to financial freedom. Through this, I was able to plan our family’s financial future. The money I earn here part time helped me to pay off my debts. Now, it’s fully paid off. Finally debt free! So happy! Thank you for Genistar.


Professional And Helpful

My Genistar rep was very helpful with explaining the different aspects of the financial plan and how to get out of debt. Very down to earth and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with him.


I’ll Be Recommending To Family And Friends

Over the past week, I’ve had two fantastic calls with my Genistar rep. My finances were in a bit of a mess as I had been ignoring my growing credit card debt while still spending on stuff I really didn’t need. She started with giving me a few simple tips on controlling my spending and then we walked through my income and expenses. I felt that she really understood what I needed. I now have a focussed plan to reduce my debt in the quickest possible way and my mindset has completely changed in terms of my spending habits. I’m so glad that I reached out to her and I will be recommending her to family and friends. Thank you, Genistar.


Easy To Understand

My Genistar rep came and sat down with me and my husband to help us go through all our finances after a self-build project had left us in substantial debt and unable to fully finish our house. She was incredibly patient and so easy to understand. She helped us see how we could become debt free and finish our house with just a few simple changes plus we now have a good plan for our future too! She doesn’t ‘tell’ you what to do, she educates you on different approaches for your money.

I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by our debts but after seeing her, I feel much more in control and excited about paying them off and investing in our future! I highly recommend contacting Genistar if you are concerned about ANY aspect of your finances.


Grateful For The Recommendation

I would definitely give (my Genistar rep) and Genistar a 5 star rating… Setting my life insurance up… was so easy. She is so professional and efficient which is what I look for when dealing with these sort of affairs… She also advised me on extra little bits… like putting a will in place and doing a power of attorney.

Thanks to (my Genistar rep), I’ve been able to secure my own little family future. I have recommended her services to my brother and sisters but also quite a few people I really care for, who have all taken out life insurance now.

So again I would definitely advise you to give (Genistar) a call to get your affairs in order and secure your family’s future.


Awesome Company

Awesome company, great education. Genuine care and value provided for clients. Would recommend 100%.


Educated Me About Money

I thoroughly recommend Genistar’s wonderful services. My Genistar rep is a lovely person to deal with and helped me to save money long term, protect my family and helped me to find someone to write my will. She educated me about money, how banks work and make their money and where to save! My eyes have been opened and you will thoroughly benefit from working with Genistar!


My Genistar Advisor Was Superb

My Genistar advisor was superb. She provided me with great support and helped me every step of the way with my insurance, explaining things to me along the way.


Help With A Complicated Situation

We had a complicated situation with the buildings & contents insurance on our family home due to historical subsidence & 2 thefts, so we were paying a very hefty premium & tied to the insurer due to the subsidence issue.

Genistar’s property insurance broker has some specialist underwriters and partners & after they assessed our case we saved £820 a year!!! That’s MANY thousands of £ saved over 5, 10, 20 years plus. We were delighted.

With the free Financial Game Plan they then produced for us, they showed us how we could use this saving to pay off our debts and mortgage many years earlier saving additional tens of thousands of pounds!!!

So Genistar provided great savings for us, and showed us some brilliant strategies to multiply this & save our family a small fortune using the money they’d saved us!!! I call that a Double Win, and glad that money will stay in our family to benefit us and our children and help leave a legacy, not just provide unnecessarily high profit for the insurers and mortgage companies we were with!




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