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By Colette Machado

When I was asked to write about Genistar’s partnership with Vitality and how to fully engage with the Vitality programme, I was delighted. As a Genistar/Vitality client and representative myself, I already knew about many of the benefits, but I was looking forward to researching the subject and learning even more to help me make the most of my policy.

So what did I learn? Well, if you don’t have a Vitality health and life insurance policy through Genistar, you are truly missing out.

Genistar and Vitality

Genistar partners with Vitality to provide health and life insurance cover for their clients. Vitality’s unique approach to helping clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle fits perfectly with Genistar’s common sense, step-by-step approach to financial wellbeing.Being a Genistar/Vitality client can help you maintain good financial and physical health and get some incredible ‘living’ benefits as well.

Genistar/Vitality clients have access to Vitality’s leading health and wellness programme that helps you:

  • Understand Your Health
  • Get Healthier
  • Get Rewarded

Let’s explore these three areas in more detail:


Understand Your Health

Online Health Review – The first step toward improving your health is to understand your current status. Once you are a member i.e. you have a health or life insurance policy with Vitality through Genistar, you can Get Started by registering on the Vitality Member Zone. Then you will be able to complete an Online Health Review and a Non-Smokers Declaration.

Vitality Age – The review will help you understand your Vitality Age, it’s a scientific calculation that assesses the impact of your lifestyle on your health. It also gives you key information to make you aware of positive changes you could make to improve your health.

Start Earning Rewards – Completing your online health review will unlock your rewards and allow you to start benefiting from discounts from Vitality’s partners. You will gain 100 points for doing your health review and 100 points for completing the Non-Smokers Declaration. You can also book a full health check with Bluecrest and earn 480 points.

Get Healthier

Get Healthy with Discounts – Vitality has teamed up with many companies to offer discounts on products which incentivise you to get healthier. You don’t have to make a claim to benefit from your cover. You can get discounts on products such as:

gym memberships, healthy foods, spa days, mindfulness apps, stop-smoking programs, fitness-tracking devices, bikes, weight loss programs, etc.

Points and Status – By doing various activities, you will be given points which go towards your status.

The more points you earn in a plan year, the higher your status will be. The higher the status the more rewards you unlock

Rewards are unlocked when you gain activity points i.e. going to the gym, cycling or tracking your steps through the Vitality App (which you download on your mobile phone) or a fitness tracker.


Be Rewarded

As a Vitality client through Genistar, you can take advantage of a range of benefits, discounts and rewards from many of its leading-brand reward partners.

There are Active Rewards and Status Rewards.

Active Rewards:

Active Rewards are rewards earned through healthy lifestyle activities. Here are the partners and the reward they offer on a qualifying health and life insurance plan.

  • Caffe Nero – Free weekly coffee or handcrafted drink & 25% off healthy food
  • Cinema tickets– Monthly cinema ticket at Vue or Odeon cinema for all those named on the plan
  • Mindful Chef – £10.00 off your order from the recipe box company when you spend over £30.00
  • Rakuten TV – Weekly on-demand movie rentals
  • Waitrose & Partners –  10-25% off from the Good Health product range online or in-store.
  • Amazon Prime – Annual membership worth £95.00

Status Rewards:

  • Mr & Mrs Smith – 25% off hotel bookings
  • Expedia – 10-25% off hotel bookings


Genistar clients are encouraged to engage in Vitality’s healthy lifestyle programme as a great way to help them live a healthier and longer life whilst benefiting from discounts and rewards from some of the UK’s top brands.

Since having my policy I have increased my fitness due to joining my local Nuffield gym and achieving my daily steps target. I have also benefited from many of the rewards partners. I’ve purchased running shoes at 50% off from Runners’ Needs (and joined a running club), enjoyed several stays at Champneys with 75% off, had several trips to the cinema where we’ve used our monthly complimentary tickets, and enjoyed a weekly Caffe Nero drink.

However please note – the greatest benefit of all when you take out a health or life insurance policy through Genistar, is that you are protecting yourself and your family in the event of ill health or death. Having this peace of mind alone is worth the monthly premium I pay for my policy. Great value for money!

Take Action Today…

If you are not a Genistar/Vitality client – contact your Genistar representative to book an appointment to discuss your needs.

If you are a Genistar/Vitality member – take a look at the links shared in this article and find out how you can make the most of your policy and the benefits and rewards available to you.

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