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Achieving Your Goals

You must decide where you want to end up before charting the course that will lead you to your goal. Then you’ll need to find the money to fund your goal…

Joyce’s Story (Video)

Joyce had her life planned out and all was going well. Then one day, everything changed, and she had to find a new path. Watch Joyce’s story on this short video.

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

As the evenings are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, it might be a good time to think about winter-proofing your home…

Beware of Cheap and Not So Cheerful Home Insurance

When buying home insurance, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option. But beware of items not covered…

How to Spot and Avoid Scams

They sound convincing and are easy to fall for. So it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the most commonly used tactics…

No Gender Pay Gap Here

Genistar is an inclusive company where everyone has exactly the same opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female…

Should You Have a Will? (Video)

Later life planning is something that’s hard to address and all too easy to put off. But do you know what happens if you don’t have a Will when you die?

Invest £100 per Month for Retirement

Do you have any idea how much you could save for your retirement if you invested £100 per month?

A Positive Look at Your Life and Your Money

Are you a ‘glass-half-empty’ or ‘glass-half-full’ kind of person? Did you know that the way you answer that question could significantly impact your life?

Help to Buy Loans: To Repay or Not to Repay

Help to Buy loans have helped many people get onto the property ladder. Now some are wondering whether they should pay back their loan…

Goal Setting in 8 Easy Steps

Goal setting is simply making a plan in order to achieve the things that are important to you. But they can work magic…

Six Steps to Get Yourself Mortgage Ready

There are many things we think about when considering a new home and the thinking behind it usually starts months, if not years, beforehand…


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