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Gavin’s Story (Video)

When Gavin and Ana met with Alan Palmer, their Genistar representative, they had no idea what an impact it would have on their lives.

Why Women Need Financial Planning

Taking control of one’s finances is important for both men and women, however, recently I learnt that it is particularly important for women.

Genistar’s Financial Game Plan : What Is It? Why Do You Need One?

Genistar’s Financial Game Plan (or FGP for short) is a Sat-Nav for your finances. It guides you on the route toward your financial goals.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Do you ever wonder where all your money has gone? Those pounds can disappear with surprising speed unless you learn to keep track of them.

5 Simple Steps Towards a Healthier Mind

If you’re not careful, you can let the stresses of daily life cloud your mind and impact your mental health.

6 Reasons to Consider Life Insurance 

You don’t buy life insurance for yourself, but for those who will be left behind in the event of your death.

Genistar and Generosity   

At Genistar, one of our core values is Generosity. We believe in helping others and making a difference in their lives.

Genistar Course: Family Energy Challenge

This course is designed to be led by the parents, and it challenges the entire family to reduce energy usage and save money on the bills.

Six Steps to Spring Clean Your Finances

For many people, Spring is the time to deep clean their home. Why not do the same for your finances?

Genistar Course: A Winning Mindset

Having a winning mindset will help you in every area of your life, and mastering the four simple steps covered in this course can set you on the path to a happier future.

Eight Reasons to Use a Personal Travel Consultant

If you are looking to book a long-overdue, stress-free holiday, your Genistar representative may be able to help.

Achieving Your Goals

You must decide where you want to end up before charting the course that will lead you to your goal. Then you’ll need to find the money to fund your goal…


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