Client Testimonials

At Genistar, we take pride in providing the financial education necessary to allow people to make informed choices for their personal finances. Read what people have to say about us.

Excellent Service

Thank you… for the great financial education. The new information gained has definitely increased my confidence on how to effectively manage my money. I can also now understand the benefits of having the right insurance policy. I will highly recommend your services.

O.N. September 2022

Very insightful appointment

I had a very insightful [appointment] with [My Genistar rep], where we discussed the importance of money management as a young adult. I now feel more confident with how I handle my money. Definitely recommend for any young adults who have trouble with money or want to know how money works.

J.A. September 2022

Really good experience

I have had a really good experience with this company. In fact, I have done another transaction with [My Genistar rep] and he has been very helpful and mindful on what he offers the client.

M.L. August 2022

Peace of mind

So pleased to get my private medical insurance set-up finally. [My Genistar rep] was clear, straightforward to deal with & the right level of persistent. As I have other VItality products it was a clear choice which gives me peace of mind. Thanks again Genistar.

D.T. September 2022

Great financial education

Genistar is a great financial education organisation. I have learnt a lot about finance, how to build and to have strong financial foundations in place for me and for my family; not mentioning the second source of income that I am getting through my Genistar business activities.

I will recommend Genistar to all the families in the UK. Just come and look at what we do at Genistar. Great company.

A.T. September 2022

Great information

I couldn’t believe how much information I learnt on financial freedom. It was very educational. [My Genistar rep] was very patient with us and made us feel comfortable. Definitely worth my time.

M.O. September 2022

Very professional

[My Genistar rep] was very professional and friendly during our interaction and ensured we had the best cover. She was very knowledgeable in the area of life insurance and made us realise how important it was to have the right cover. Thanks a lot [Genistar].

M.A. September 2022

Thankful I met Genistar

I’m so thankful that I met GENISTAR. My wife and I were looking for insurance at the time when a friend, [my Genistar rep] introduced us to the company. He made an appointment with us where we had listened to the presentation and received a step-by-step financial education.

[He] helped us with a financial game plan which showed how much protection we needed and how our family could make our hopes and dreams become a reality. This helped us make decisions that have proven to be a priceless tool in our family’s life.

Unfortunately, my wife got cancer years later and passed away. Thankfully, we had the right insurance to take care of our needs during our grief. Thank you, [to my Genistar rep] and thank you, Genistar for helping us make the right decisions beforehand.

M.I. August 2022

Listened to our needs

[My Genistar rep] was excellent. He walked me through the whole process and listened to our needs. He was very professional.

M.M. August 2022

Evening well spent

Evening well spent. [My Genistar rep] was very patient in explaining certain aspects of our finances we never gave much thought to. Definitely worth a meeting with him. As always decision is yours what you do with the information.

M.S. August 2022

Didn’t think I needed it

I initially didn’t think i needed “financial education”. Boy was I wrong. [My Genistar rep] was amazing. Got rates far better than other advisers and comparison sites, helped us to make long term financial plans. A+++ service.

A.R. August 2022

A real help

Really valued the sessions with [my Genistar rep]. She is a calming influence and a real help.

S.H. August 2022

Beneficial and rewarding

[Our Genistar rep] has been our go-to guy for the past 4 years. He is hands down the best. His attention to detail, clear communication and unmatched humour is more than you can ask for. Plus, he advocates for an equitable insurance deal that is both beneficial and rewarding. Thanks for EVERYTHING .

F.E. August 2022

Good and Straightforward

I was looking for a good insurance company but there is a lot to choose from. I also wanted to be more educated about how to manage my finances and [My Genistar rep] helped me a lot with that. From realising that I have the wrong insurance to choosing the right one for me and even redirecting my goals, we did it together in that short zoom meeting. I am looking forward to settling my finances better with Genistar.

W.E. September 2022

Recommended without reservation

[My Genistar rep]  was very thorough and patiently explaining all the fine details. Very professional and I would recommend him/Genistar without reservation.

D.G. September 2022

Great and well experienced

I was introduced to one of their senior vice presidents in Genistar… He was great and well experienced in handling all my queries and patient following me up with regards to my policy. He helped me understand all the benefits of my policy. I’m glad to meet him and he was really nice and an expert in his field.

R.C. September 2022

Great insights

I’ve learnt a great deal of stuff from [my Genistar rep]. Financial planning being the most important thing. [He] just sat me down and explained it all to me which was so easy and smooth to understand. [My Genistar rep] is such a great guy, if any of you need any help, please get in touch with [Genistar].

G.M. September 2022

Friendly and helpful

[My Genistar rep] is very friendly and helpful with lots of knowledge and experience. I highlly recommend you speak to her for assistance with Genistar services.

V.T. September 2022

Addressed all my concerns

My experience with [my Genistar rep] was excellent as he efficiently addressed all concerns and gave suggestions that provided a lot of insight regarding financial planning. The service was personal and systematic without being intrusive. I quite like that it is tailored to one’s needs and ever-changing concerns providing great flexibility and constant access which always seem to disappear once a business has been completed. A true 5 star!

C.U. September 2022


[My Genistar rep] was amazing. He was able to guide me through insurance purchase and also shared financial concepts with my wife and I which were incredible. I highly recommend…

O.L. August 2022

Outstanding service

I purchased insurance through Genistar. The experience was incredible – from excellent customer service to valuable financial education. [My Genistar rep] is outstanding and would highly recommend speaking to him about any of your financial and insurance needs.

Y.A. August 2022

Excellent customer service

Fantastic members who did my Financial Game Plan, and subsequently completed my life plan for me with Vitality, enjoying the enormous benefits that come with the plan. I was able to know how money really works and, with that knowledge, am putting a plan [in place] for my early retirement.
Thank you Genistar for being a company with integrity and honesty – which is lacking in most companies out there.

M.N. August 2022

Highly recommend

…From the word go, [My Genistar rep] explained everything in simple terms to me so I understood exactly what the policy entailed. Even now if I have a random question, I ring him up & he always is kind enough to help. I would highly recommend.

G.D. August 2022

Humble and polite

[My Genistar rep] was a humble and polite gentleman, who made sure that every knowledge we needed was understood and accessed in our session.

C.C. August 2022

Very positive experience

My experience with [my Genistar rep] was very positive. I learnt so much from his presentations and he’s an excellent financial planner. Thank you!

I.O. August 2022

Professional and friendly

[My Genistar rep] is such a professional and friendly woman. I have learnt a lot about the efficient ways to handle my money, and also the benefits of having life insurance for myself and my family. I couldn’t thank you enough for what you do.

A.N. August 2022

Very professional         

… [Our Genistar rep] was very professional, adaptable, and understanding. His knowledge was very quickly evident in the way he asked relevant questions and offered options to solve them rather than being forceful or persuasive.

C.U. August 2022

Personalised Service

The service Genistar provides is unlike any other in the UK. It is a personalised service designed to do what is right for families. I cannot thank [our Genistar rep] enough for all he has done… I placed my life insurance in place, and I have a clear game plan to navigate my dreams and goals going forwards.

J.P. August 2022

So grateful I took the time

Genistar has changed my behaviour with money. I knew everything about my financial situation had to change when I was waiting for payday during the pandemic. It was a stressful time and I am so grateful I took the time to listen and implement what the financial educators showed me.

My financial game plan allowed me to believe in my goals and dreams again as I could see a way to achieve them. I have grown through the support of [my Genistar rep] and his team. I have been able to save and I am looking forward to having my money work for me. I would recommend everyone get some Genistar financial education so future generations are better equipped.

N.P. August 2022

The education is out of this world

I joined Genistar just over a year ago [and recently attended] my first convention!! I was truly amazed by the family feeling I got by being part of this amazing group of people. So great the feeling, I want to shout out to the masses that this is where you belong!!

The education is out of this world, and I so wish someone had told me about Genistar before now!! But nothing happens before it is time… Looking forward to many more wonderful years with this AMAZING company. GENISTAR – YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!

C.J. July 2022

Making a difference

Genistar has offered me the opportunity to be around people who are committed to make a difference in our society. People who are not looking to make a living, but to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

[Genistar] has refuelled my motivation and challenged my determination to be an influencer in my community…

V.M. July 2022

Better financial outlook

I needed my finances in order and a good friend introduced [my Genistar rep] to me. Never really knew what I was doing with my finances, especially with having certain major life events… I just wanted to be debt free, but my outlook was grim. After consultation with [my Genistar rep], my focus is clearer as to what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Great tips and information to help me get there. Friendly yet professional. Really glad I was referred.

U.E. July 2022

Would recommend Genistar

Would definitely recommend Genistar. Their customer service is second to none. 5 stars, thank you…

C.B. July 2022

Very thorough

[My Genistar rep] was very thorough and patient. Lots learned during the meeting, and it was convenient and fruitful. Looking forward for more guidance. Thanks much!!

M.J. July 2022

Financial education

Genistar is a terrific platform offering financial education and assistance in financial planning for individuals and families. I have been able to help so many people.

R.A. July 2022

Thankful & grateful

As a family… we are very thankful & grateful for joining the Genistar family and have done our financial game plan 5 years ago… We are very keen to help and expand the mission of the company and many more families around the United Kingdom.

R.M. July 2022

Outstanding presentation

Outstanding presentation… We all got a lot out of this, and for many of us it has transformed the way we look at our finances in just a couple of hours. I wish I had received this advice 25 years ago!

S.R. July 2022

Tips on finance management

…Outstanding tips on finance management [which are] new to so many folks, including my peers. If I win the lottery, I will use [my Genistar rep] as my own PFA, if he will do it!

M.S. July 2022

Highly informative

Excellent advice, highly informative and made me feel more comfortable about how I use my money.

J.S. July 2022

Exceptionally helpful

From basics through to complex finances, exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.

H.E. July 2022

Genistar is the future

An amazing, unique, life changing company that the world needs!

T.A. July 2022

Very thankful

We are very thankful for the help from [our Genistar Rep].

E.D. July 2022

Why I love working with Genistar

I love working with Genistar for a number of reasons: Firstly, I love the community spirit. Secondly, the opportunity to own a business. Thirdly, the additional passive and active income I earn. And lastly, the sense of fulfilment I get from helping other families.

O.O. July 2022

Good company

Good company to work with.

M.S. July 2022

Thanks to Genistar

Thanks to Genistar for the greatest level of financial education and team support I’ve ever received in my life. I am now in a position to better educate my family, friends, loved ones and clients.

The convention has completely transformed my confidence. The ongoing training is consistently elevating my competence. The team support is unmatched.

A.G. July 2022

Working toward financial freedom

Genistar has changed my perspective on how I use the income I earn. Their “How Money Works” program has given me and my family the confidence to work more strategically toward complete financial freedom.

I would definitely recommend giving Genistar an opportunity to show you and your family how to recognise the gaps in your financial knowledge and income, how to leverage your time, financial resources to achieve your goals over the next 1, 3, 10 and 20 years beyond – living your best life.

S.G. July 2022

Genistar convention

I attended the Genistar convention last weekend and I was so impressed by the community and family-feel of the company at a business event. The awards and celebration of the winners was so inspiring as well as seeing the mission of the company at work. I very much look forward to the next one!!

S.A. July 2022

Extremely informative

Great overview & financial education provided by [my Genistar rep]. Extremely informative & useful stuff!

B.B. June 2022

Great mortgage support

Very great support till the end of our mortgage process. Well done to all the staff members… Well done and so grateful to you all.

The team was very supportive all through my home mortgage process. Kind and continue to give positive advice. They are a great and optimistic team.

O.O.  May 2022

Supportive and professional

Our journey with Genistar has been quite a smooth and interesting one. [Our Genistar reps] were very supportive and professional in all their dealings. Me and my husband have had all our questions and queries answered by the team and we believe the team was very approachable, friendly.
We would recommend friends and family to Genistar in the future based on the treatment we got. Thanks

F.A.  June 2022

All my questions answered

[My Genistar rep] was so professional and all my questions were answered. Really pleased with him.

D.R.K.  May 2022

Excellent education

It’s been an excellent education and very helpful for us as a family in dealing with our finances. This has helped us make prudent decisions.

Excellent. Thank you.

F.K. April 2022


Fantastic, educational and mind blowing!

E.O.D. April 2022

Professional and honest experience

[Our Genistar rep] met with my wife, myself and our 11-month-old baby! The financial education clearly showed me the value of taking life insurance for families so we’re now covered should the worst happen. [Our Genistar rep] is clear, direct, thorough and patient in his delivery.

P.B. March 2022

Financial education

[My Genistar rep] provided my wife and I some financial education which helped us to get the right protection or insurance for our property at half the price of what I was paying for the previous wrong insurance.

H.A. March 2022

Debt freedom

To put it bluntly had I not seen Genistar’s presentation regarding financial freedom and been debt free, I would not have paid off a 23 year mortgage in 9 years.

Z.A. March 2022

Really interesting and super helpful

If you are on the fence about chatting to [Genistar] about your financial gamelan, don’t be. I’m really not one for numbers. They make my head hurt and just don’t interest me at all. I met [my Genistar rep] at a networking event and she offered to come over and have a chat with me. I was really sceptical about it and wondered what she was going to try and sell me.

But I needn’t have been worried at all. We had a lovely chat, [My Genistar rep] took some numbers and put them into her laptop and explained how the banks and money work- I had no idea! I watched a quick video and that was that. [She] showed me how I’d be able to reduce my debt whilst paying less interest over a better time frame. [She] can also help you plan for your child’s future and give you help with that. No hard sell, but if you need life insurance [she] is able to help sort this for you (which I highly recommend) So yea, from someone who is not interested in numbers or anything of this kind, I found it really interesting and super helpful.

A.Y.  December 2021

Great experience!

[My Genistar representatives] were so helpful in explaining our financial game plan and helping us plan for our long and short-term goals. I can now see financial freedom in sight thanks to Genistar.

Y.D. October 2021

Professional, flexible, and so knowledgeable

Absolute pleasure to meet [my Genistar rep] over zoom and speak to him in detail about our finances. Professional, flexible, and so knowledgeable on his subject matter. He taught both my husband and I a lot about our finances… and helped us look at improving our money situation.  

He was such a genuine guy, interested in helping us and helping us focus on our goals and aspirations.

Rare to meet such a lovely, altruistic gent – thank you for your time and patience… and for teaching us how to educate ourselves and our children for the future.

K.S. September 2021

Honest review

In-depth, focused and life-changing.

J.M. August 2021

Thanks to all Genistar members for helping people like me

I joined Genistar last year in May 2020 during the start of covid-19. I wanted something that I could do without leaving home and without putting my family in danger… So I decided to give Genistar a try. And to my surprise, I found out that most of the issues discussed were exactly where I needed help: credit card debt, loans, and many more financial problems that would not allow me to reach my goals and dreams.

So I followed the game plan that was given to me… April 2021, I finished paying off all my credit card debt. I was so happy when I cut up my credit card since I’m now debt free…

I just want to say a big thanks to all Genistar members for helping people like me to become debt free… I had tried several times to finish paying off my debt but was unsuccessful – interest kept accumulating. But with the system and the free plan given to me by Genistar, I was able to achieve my goals… Thanks for giving me another chance to wake up each morning knowing fully well that I’m debt free and without thinking of any credit card repayment at the end of each month. Thanks.

D.O.  June 2021

Great experience

Great experience. The financial review our Genistar rep had with my wife and me was very deep and exhilarating. Everything was broken down into a workable step by step process to achieve our goal. Now we have our plan on paper and taking strategic steps to achieve it. Thank you Genistar.

T.B.  June 2021

Helped us get our affairs in order

Genistar came to me at a time when I had just lost my father. My husband and I were in a place where we wanted to get our affairs in order for our children, just as my father had done for my mother.

Our Genistar rep, who I have known since we were teens, helped me to look at the current life insurance I was paying for and helped me get something more appropriate for my needs… from the same insurance company!!!

It showed me the difference between an insurance broker, who just wants your money, and Genistar who are client led and take into account your needs and your pocket. Thank you!

S.H.  May 2021

A plan for my finances

Started with a plan for my finances. I was so impressed with it, I joined the business to help others in the same way I was helped. Great service and systems. The company is motivated towards helping others help themselves.

J.A.  May 2021

Positively transforming lives

Genistar’s Financial Education adds immense value to its listeners’ lives. It continues to transform my life in ways that catch me off guard. Its far-reaching impact includes deeply enmeshed change in each family‘s financial habits, ultimately empowering that family’s sociological presence.

Genistar is set to be a contemporary force, positively transforming countless lives as they pay close attention to its message of financial intelligence.

W.R.  February 2021

Genistar is a great company

Genistar is a great company! It’s very ethical and helps so many people and families to achieve their goals and dreams.

J.W.  May 2021

Our Genistar rep brought us hope

You may think that you need a celebrity or a great tycoon or a politician to change your life. Well, that may never happen. Often it’s the little people that you do not know about that are the people God sends to change your life. Not in what they bring or offer. But just the simple things they do…

When our Genistar representative knocked at our door, little did we know that he was bringing us a realm of hope.

Thank you for treating us with kindness, for not looking down upon us, for telling us that we are not alone, for giving us words of encouragement that made us start thinking of what to do with our finances and also our home. Thank you for allowing God to use you in changing our lives.

M.B. February 2021

The financial plan is so helpful

Thank you so much (Genistar rep) for helping us get fantastic life insurance and security for the future.

I didn’t even know there is so much packed in one cover and I can sleep with peace of mind if hubby ever drops dead too early. I don’t have to stress over finance.

The financial plan is so helpful to create and see what needs to change.

J.A.  March 3031

Helps us understand how money works

This company help us to understand how money works thru financial education and gives us a clear plan to achieve our goals and dreams. This company is highly recommended! See for yourself how they can help you with your finance for free!

C.C  April 2021

Would highly recommend

Would highly recommend Genistar to anyone who wants to put their finances in order and get some useful info about what is important and not!!! Thank you so much, Genistar, for your lovely approach and help!

C.G.  February 2021

I now know where I am with my finances

Having a family makes you think long and hard about your future and so I contacted my Genistar rep to give me some direction in this area.

What I got was a very sobering, yet necessary look at the bigger picture (looking through one squinted eye beyond my hand), and a plan going forwards.

I now know where I am with my finances as my Genistar rep broke it down into very understandable chunks which helped massively as I was in overwhelm with it all.

In short, anyone freaking out about the state of their money affairs might want to get in touch with Genistar.

J.C.  February 2021

Professional yet approachable

(My Genistar representative) was extremely helpful in organising my financial goals and improving my life insurance cover. She gave me excellent ideas on how to improve paying off my mortgage and managing my savings in a professional yet approachable way. If you need help in becoming more ‘moneywise’ and optimising your finances, I would highly recommend speaking with Genistar.

N.T.  February 2021

Genistar is an excellent company

Genistar is an excellent company as it is the only company that gave me a free road map to financial freedom. Through this, I was able to plan our family’s financial future. The money I earn here part time helped me to pay off my debts. Now, it’s fully paid off. Finally debt free! So happy! Thank you for Genistar.

S.M.  March 2021

Well worth the time

I’d been aware of Genistar for ages but hadn’t sat down to see what they really offer. Spent an hour with [my Genistar rep]; the concepts and techniques he teaches are excellent. He really knows what he’s talking about. Well worth the time. Wish I’d done it sooner.

N.K. July 2022


Grateful and very helpful staff

T.E. July 2022

So enlightened

I joined Genistar around ending of May and I have been so enlightened regarding financial education. I am willing to share this information with so many people within my community as far as I can.

G.A. July 2022

Insight into financial freedom

[My Genistar rep] provided me with a huge insight into financial freedom. He took a lot of time with me, covering the aspects I was unsure of initially. The fact you can get a financial game plan blew me away!
Thank you… for your professionalism, patience and understanding. This company is one of few who actually care about their clients.

K.C. July 2022

Genistar is for all

Genistar has got to be the most multicultural family orientational business that’s full of an equal amount of men, women and all. I remember their convention on the weekend where one lady needed to split her time for 2 events I asked her to stay a little longer and she was blown away by so many women being recognised and awarded for their leadership and their great results. She thanked me and stayed.

A.M. July 2022

Should be seen by all

This organisation has aided me through bad and good times in my life. With the knowledge and experience gained using both the products and services. This organisation should be seen by all from an educational perspective. As everyone is to gain from the teaching that Genistar offer.

M.L. July 2022

The financial education is fantastic

The financial education given by [my Genistar rep] was fantastic and informative! I guess this is not just about the education but the person who passed across the message. It is an eye opener and a complete game changer and for that I say a BIG thanks!

A.D.  June 2022

Patiently explained everything

[My Genistar rep] took his time and patiently explained everything about financial freedom and ways to gain more and make our little funds work harder for my family. [It] is something worth commending hence recommend to friends and family. Thanks so much … for all your help.

P.P.  June 2022

A great experience

Having been introduced to [my Genistar rep] by a friend, it was indeed a great experience and an eye opener to see how I can do more with my finances and the different options available out there. [He] was able to provide me with a bespoke recommendation based on my requirements. I will definitely recommend his service and that of Genistar.

M.A.  June 2022

Helpful and professional

[My Genistar rep] has been very helpful and professional in showing myself and my spouse how we can be more financially literate and savvy around our finances. He even at the end generated or produced our financial game plan, all completely free of charge. Will definitely recommend his services and that of Genistar to others.

H.O.  June 2022

Highly professional and thorough

[Our Genistar rep] educated my wife and I about finance and it was an eye-opening experience for both of us. He was highly professional and thorough. This showed us he cared to really understand our needs as a family.

O.A. March 2022

Answered my questions

[My Genistar reps] have become friends… They took their time to explain a lot and answer the many questions I had, despite already having a policy. The education encouraged my mindset to see the benefits of Vitality and make the switch involving an enlightenment to want to change my lifestyle and become more active and intentionally enjoy my time with my loved ones…

Thank you, good work.

U.K. May 2022

Financial game changer

I just want to say thank you to [our Genistar rep] for helping us with our financial game plan. Our roadmap to financial independence is now set. The financial education on how money works was a light bulb moment for me. I will encourage all to arm themselves with this knowledge, a real game-changer. Thanks to Genistar.

P.E. March 2022

An eye opener

The session with [my Genistar rep] was an eye opener into the financial world. At the end I felt a little bit more confident and optimistic about how to manage my finances than I did before. [He] was patient and very clear in his delivery. I also like the fact that I can contact him in the future for more assistance.

K.D. March 2022

Nothing but professionalism

Genistar‘s great mission is to give financial education to families. It is one of the greatest missions I have come across in recent times. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t know someone (if not self) who has had problems managing their finances and could have been in a better position if they had known how.

I came across Genistar through… a family friend and a very enthusiastic guy about financial education. My husband and I experienced nothing else but professionalism. As a result of us meeting with [our Genistar rep], we were able to put in place some good plans to ensure that our family has some protection, and also we’re working towards our goals.

D.N. February 2022

Nothing short of exemplary

My experience with Genistar… has been nothing short of exemplary. Within a short space of time, through [my Genistar rep’s] hard work, enthusiasm and ‘push’ in order to get things accomplished, I have, this evening, been granted my insurance policy, which before now seemed almost impossible. I cannot thank [my rep] enough for his forefront initiative in helping families. Bravo… Thanks, again and God bless.

R.M.  September 2021

I’ve been given the education I needed

I felt like I had been in perpetual debt for over 11 years. Despite me being a bit OCD about my accounts – I had spreadsheets and a plan – it seemed to be going at a snail’s pace. I had spent years looking into the interest rates and throwing money at them all to try and get rid [of debt] as fast as possible.

A friend told me about [my Genistar rep]. I will admit I was sceptical… I thought it was an MLM scheme and they would go through the motions to sign me up and then drop me. So I went to the presentation about what Genistar does, I learnt about how to reduce my debt quicker and how the whole debt process works. I was asked if I wanted to sign up and I declined. I was reassured that that wasn’t a problem and [my Genistar rep] was transparent all the way through, about how they’re funded and what they do.

I met with [my Genistar rep] the week after with all my numbers, she went through everything with me but it was made easy and didn’t take up too much time. She got me a way better deal on my life insurance, but after a couple of days I got a plan detailing how I could be debt-free. Initially it said I would never be debt free! That was so far-fetched for me that I hadn’t even clocked the time scale. It was only when we met up after, when she said 2024 would be the end date. I nearly spat my coffee out. 3 years. I thought there must be some mistake, I looked through the plan, what I needed to pay, and there at the bottom was that beautiful little end date.

I’m further ahead into my debt-free plan than we had planned, and that’s because I have been given the education I needed about not scattering my payments. I finally have hope and the biggest thing for me – not sure if you picked up on it – but an end date! A date where I will be able to buy my kids a new pair school shoes without having to find the money from somewhere. A date where I might just be able to book a family holiday!

[My Genistar rep] has been a light when it felt incredibly dark and I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I was truly defeated at the point when we spoke. I had resigned myself to the fact I would only ever survive rather than live. I paid off a biggy today, so I texted [my Genistar rep] to tell her. She will get a text every time that happens because I’m so grateful!

J.S. October 2021

Top grade service

Every time I have received financial service from Genistar, it has been top grade. The representative has always been very friendly and very accommodating. And he has always delivered… Amazing service with great competency.

A.N.  July 2021

Excellent service, highly recommend

I was very impressed with the detail of the financial review with our Genistar rep who had mine and my husband’s best interests at heart. She was only about getting the best for me. I have life insurance for my needs now and the savings I have made pays for it! Amazing service, thank you!

N.W.  June 2021

Genistar is a great company

Genistar is a great company! It’s very ethical and helps so many people and families to achieve their goals and dreams.

J.W.  May 2021

Joined Genistar and enjoying the fruits

I joined Genistar recently and just completed my e-learnng and exams. Very important material was covered there…

Already I am enjoying the fruits of a very well reduced but comprehensive insurance for my building and contents cover, and for a landlord insurance that I needed. It saved me from paying 27.50 and 28 pounds to 11 and 13 pounds monthly through Premier. Very great service. I like the Vitality life insurance which encourages me to go out more and be healthy – and they reduce your premiums for it. Really good.

M.M.  June 2021

Professional and helpful

My Genistar rep was very helpful with explaining the different aspects of the financial plan and how to get out of debt. Very down to earth and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with him.

E.D.  March 2021

Great company to work for

Great company to work for. Such great resources are given to help families, including the opportunity to become debt-free and financially independent.

Great field support centre and it’s a well-structured company. Would recommend it, as Genistar is a very ethical company and provides people with life-changing opportunities and education – which is free as well, such as an FGP.

R.E.  May 2021

I’ll be recommending to family and friends

Over the past week, I’ve had two fantastic calls with my Genistar rep. My finances were in a bit of a mess as I had been ignoring my growing credit card debt while still spending on stuff I really didn’t need. She started with giving me a few simple tips on controlling my spending and then we walked through my income and expenses. I felt that she really understood what I needed. I now have a focussed plan to reduce my debt in the quickest possible way and my mindset has completely changed in terms of my spending habits. I’m so glad that I reached out to her and I will be recommending her to family and friends. Thank you, Genistar.

M.J.B.  March 2021

Easy to understand

My Genistar rep came and sat down with me and my husband to help us go through all our finances after a self-build project had left us in substantial debt and unable to fully finish our house. She was incredibly patient and so easy to understand. She helped us see how we could become debt free and finish our house with just a few simple changes plus we now have a good plan for our future too! She doesn’t ‘tell’ you what to do, she educates you on different approaches for your money.

I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by our debts but after seeing her, I feel much more in control and excited about paying them off and investing in our future! I highly recommend contacting Genistar if you are concerned about ANY aspect of your finances.

S.M.  February 2021

Grateful for the recommendation

I would definitely give (my Genistar rep) and Genistar a 5 star rating… Setting my life insurance up… was so easy. She is so professional and efficient which is what I look for when dealing with these sort of affairs… She also advised me on extra little bits… like putting a will in place and doing a power of attorney.

Thanks to (my Genistar rep), I’ve been able to secure my own little family future. I have recommended her services to my brother and sisters but also quite a few people I really care for, who have all taken out life insurance now.

So again I would definitely advise you to give (Genistar) a call to get your affairs in order and secure your family’s future.

L.C.  March 2021

Awesome company

Awesome company, great education. Genuine care and value provided for clients. Would recommend 100%.

P.O.  April 2021

Educated me about money

I thoroughly recommend Genistar’s wonderful services. My Genistar rep is a lovely person to deal with and helped me to save money long term, protect my family and helped me to find someone to write my will. She educated me about money, how banks work and make their money and where to save! My eyes have been opened and you will thoroughly benefit from working with Genistar!

N.W.  February 2021

My Genistar rep was superb

My Genistar rep was superb. She provided me with great support and helped me every step of the way with my insurance, explaining things to me along the way.

NA  Mar 2021

Help with a complicated situation

We had a complicated situation with the buildings & contents insurance on our family home due to historical subsidence & 2 thefts, so we were paying a very hefty premium & tied to the insurer due to the subsidence issue.

Genistar’s property insurance broker has some specialist underwriters and partners & after they assessed our case we saved £820 a year!!! That’s MANY thousands of £ saved over 5, 10, 20 years plus. We were delighted.

With the free Financial Game Plan they then produced for us, they showed us how we could use this saving to pay off our debts and mortgage many years earlier saving additional tens of thousands of pounds!!!

So Genistar provided great savings for us, and showed us some brilliant strategies to multiply this & save our family a small fortune using the money they’d saved us!!! I call that a Double Win, and glad that money will stay in our family to benefit us and our children and help leave a legacy, not just provide unnecessarily high profit for the insurers and mortgage companies we were with!

G.L.  March 2021


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