Cost-of-Living Crisis


Many of us are worried about the rising cost of living these days. Prices for essentials such as food and bills are increasing faster than our incomes, and the result is a decrease in disposable income. The UK inflation rate is at a 40-year high and is expected to go even higher.

How to Combat the Cost-of-Living Crisis Seminar Series

In September and October 2022, Genistar sponsored a free, 5-session, online seminar series dealing with the various aspects of the rise in the cost of living. We are making these videos available to you for free in the hope that they will provide you with some ideas. Watch the videos here.

Family Energy Challenge Course

Genistar has developed a short Family Energy Challenge course. It’s designed to educate children about energy usage and to help parents get them engaged in the process of saving energy in the home. When everyone works together, saving energy is easier. Read more about the course here.


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