Financial Tools, Tips and Resources

At Genistar, we believe that anyone can improve their financial future if they are given the proper financial education. Our complimentary Financial Game Plan (FGP) provides an in-depth look at your finances and can teach you many useful concepts. Contact your Genistar representative if you want to know more about the FGP.

In addition, we have some resources on this page which you can use on your own to learn more about how money works.

Genistar’s Money Star Tips

At Genistar we believe that anyone can become a star at handling their finances. Follow these Money Star tips to get started.


These forms can be used to help you organise and take control of your finances. They are free to download and use.


Here you can find several useful and free tools and calculators. These are provided through Money Helper. (Some of these tools might work better with Chrome web browser.)

Cost-of-Living Crisis

We are all concerned about the rising cost of living. Here you will find some resources to help you handle the cost-of-living crisis more effectively.

For more information, please contact your Genistar representative or enquire here.

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