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At Genistar, we believe that anyone can improve their financial future if they are given the proper financial education. Our complimentary Financial Game Plan (FGP) provides an in-depth look at your finances and can teach you many useful concepts. Contact your Genistar representative if you want to know more about the FGP.

In addition, we have some resources on this page which you can use on your own to learn more about how money works.


These forms can be used to help you organise and take control of your finances. They are free to download and use.

30-Day Expense Tracker

Record everything you spend for 30 days in order to learn about your spending habits.

Fat Finder Budgeting Tool

This form is designed to help you find the ‘fat’ in your spending so you can cut it out.

Time Management Worksheet

Organise and prioritise your tasks in order to get more done.


At Genistar we believe that anyone can become a star at handling their finances. Follow these Money Star tips to get started.

Organise your finances

Organise your financial clutter. Gather all your documents in one place so they are easy to locate. Organise them on your computer, in an app, or in a physical folder – whatever suits you. The main thing is to have them together and easily accessible.

Track your spending

Find out where your money goes. Jot down how much you spend, what it’s for and the circumstances. Each evening reflect on your spending. After 30 days you’ll have a clear picture of your spending habits and be able to identify any spending triggers. Read more about this 30-day tracking exercise here.

Set your money goals

Setting financial goals helps you focus and gives you direction. But a goal with no plan is just a wish. Identify your goal, then plan the steps you will take to reach it. Plot them on a chart so you can track your progress. Read Goal Setting in 8 Easy Steps here


Here you can find several useful and free tools and calculators. These are provided through Money Helper. (Some of these tools might work better with Chrome web browser.)

Budget Planning Tool

Plan your expenditures and take control of your money.

Debt Advice Locator Tool

Find free debt advice services across the UK.


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