Our story so far

Genistar is a fast-growing financial services business, established in 2007, which distributes a range of financial protection products and financial wellbeing-related services to consumers. Jeff Lestz is CEO of Genistar and has been in the financial services business since 1975. Jeff has extensive experience in financial services, management and leadership. In 2003 he moved to the UK and now resides in London. Jeff’s passion is to help empower families to become debt free and financially independent.

  • Personal

    Our core belief is that achieving success in your personal finances can be straightforward. Anyone can grasp the concepts on how to take control of their money and make the right decisions today and in the future. We believe that everyone deserves to be empowered with the right information and education when it comes to their money. An informed individual is the best customer.

  • Finance PHD

    Genistar was created to help give people a PHD in finance. By PHD we mean: Proper Honest Direction when it comes to being educated on how money really works. When you build a house, you need an architectural plan, when it comes to your money you need a Financial Game Plan to look at where you are at today and set some goals for the future.

  • Finance

    It is amazing that the average person receives around 14,000 hours of formal education in their life and very little of it is dedicated to goal setting and financial literacy. Having knowledge of how to manage money will help to plan for future goals and dreams, also giving individuals a target to reach their financial freedom.

  • Education

    We do this through education and by involving you in the planning process. We do not offer advice, but instead we offer education for individuals to make the right choices.

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