Winter 2023

What are your financial goals for 2023?

How can Genistar help you achieve them?

We are a company with a mission to help educate UK consumers about how money works so they can make informed financial decisions. In addition, our business opportunity allows you to work part-time or full-time, and earn income by helping us spread financial knowledge to others. 

Let Genistar help you have a great 2023!

Take Control of Your Finances in 2023: Goal Setting, Budgeting and Saving

The start of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect on the past and set goals for the future. Give yourself the best chance of reaching your money goals in the coming year and preparing yourself for a better future by starting to plan now.

Is This the Year to Build Up Your Emergency Fund?

The past few years have shown us what an impact unexpected events can have on us. In 2023 make sure you have a plan to handle life’s little emergencies to prevent disruption in your daily life.

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How Can We Help You in 2023?

Whatever your financial goals in 2023, there’s a good chance that Genistar can help you achieve them. Have a look at some of the ways we might be able to help you and your family this year.

Extra income  

You can earn extra income with us by working part-time or full time. Our business model gives you the opportunity to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Would a few hundred pounds per month make a difference to you?

To see what some of our reps have to say about working with Genistar, CLICK HERE.

Financial Education  

Do you want to get a grip on your finances and understand how it all works? So much of what we need to know about how money works isn’t taught in school. At Genistar we believe that, given the proper knowledge, the average person is capable of taking control of their finances and making informed decisions that are right for their family.

Financial Plan 

Genistar’s Financial Game Plan (FGP) acts as a road map to guide you along your journey to financial independence. It can help you lay out a simple plan to pay off your mortgage and debts quicker and teach you about compound interest and how to make it work for you. The FGP often shows people how to rearrange their finances in order to save money.
To find out more about Genistar’s Financial Game Plan, CLICK HERE.

Personal Development

If you join Genistar, not only will you learn about financial principles, but you’ll also have the opportunity to develop personally and gain leadership skills. Our representatives often say that Genistar is a personal development course with a great compensation package. You will learn how to keep a positive attitude, leadership skills and much more.

If you would like more information about any of the above, get in touch with your Genistar representative, or contact us HERE.


Make Sure Your Loved Ones are Protected in 2023

Watch this video to hear Gavin’s story. When he and his wife, Ana, met with their Genistar representative, they had no idea what an impact it would have on their lives.

What Our Clients Have to Say

At Genistar we care deeply about our clients and do all that we can to make sure they have a good experience with us. We want every customer to be better off after their interaction with Genistar.

Enlightening Service

Genistar has been such an enlightening service. It has helped me build a great financial game plan alongside educating me financially. [My Genistar rep]… provided me with such a great service. Thank you for your encouragement and education. She has been so patient and has given me much to look forward to financially for the upcoming year.

G.B. December 2022

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Free Financial Game Plan

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Genistar can help you with many products and services:

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  • Commercial Insurance
  • Debt Solutions
  • Mortgages

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