August 2021

Vol. 1, No. 4

Welcome to our August Genistar newsletter.

In this edition…

  • Discount – This month, in honour of the NHS and key workers, we have a great discount for those who might want to come to work with us and start their own business (part-time or full-time).
  • Is Genistar for You? – If you’re wondering whether Genistar might be for you, you can watch a short video entitled “Is Genistar Right for Me?”
  • Financial Independence Day Seminar – Don’t worry if you missed the first Financial Independence Day seminar, we’ll be having another one in September.
  • Wills – We have two simple articles to help you begin to think about making a Will.
  • Testimonial – And finally, you can read what one happy client has to say about Genistar.

Happy reading…



In honour of the NHS and all key workers

Genistar would love to give something back to all those who supported our nation so valiantly during the pandemic, so we are delighted to announce that EVERYONE now has the opportunity to start their Genistar business (part-time or full-time) with a 50% discount.

The full application fee is £140, but through 1 September 2021, your discounted fee is £70. For more information, please contact your Genistar rep, or click the ‘contact us’ button at the bottom of the page.

  • Please note: the usual application requirements still apply. Should the initial checks determine your application has been unsuccessful, you will be refunded.



This month on the website, we are talking about Wills. A Will is something everyone needs but no one likes to think about. However, it makes life easier for those left behind if we plan ahead and get our affairs in order.

APS and Wills

That’s why Genistar is proud of its partnership with APS Legal and Associates, one of the UK’s largest and most reputable will writing and estate planning companies. APS have contributed two articles this month to get us thinking about Wills.

Why Should I Make a Will?

End-of-life planning is a topic which is all too easy to put off. Hopefully, this guide can help you approach the subject by explaining the many benefits of making a will…

Things to Consider Before Making a Will

Regardless of your circumstances, it is advisable for everyone over the age of 18 to have a will in place. And there are many things to consider…


–You can read more interesting articles on our website by clicking here.




On 16 July Genistar hosted an online Financial Independence Day seminar. It offered lots of valuable information about financial education and about starting your own business. To find out if Genistar might be the right business for you, you can watch the short video excerpt from the seminar. But there was much much more information to be had from the full seminar. If you missed this one, don’t worry, we’ll be having another Financial Independence Day seminar on 11 September 2021. Contact your Genistar rep to find out how to register.

Watch the Video Extract




“I joined Genistar last year in May 2020 during the start of covid-19. I wanted something that I could do without leaving home and without putting my family in danger… So I decided to give Genistar a try. And to my surprise, I found out that most of the issues discussed were exactly where I needed help: credit card debt, loans, and many more financial problems that would not allow me to reach my goals and dreams.

So I followed the game plan that was given to me… April 2021, I finished paying off all my credit card debt. I was so happy when I cut up my credit card since I’m now debt free…

I just want to say a big thanks to all Genistar members for helping people like me to become debt free… I had tried several times to finish paying off my debt but was unsuccessful – interest kept accumulating. But with the system and the free plan given to me by Genistar, I was able to achieve my goals… Thanks for giving me another chance to wake up each morning knowing fully well that I’m debt free and without thinking of any credit card repayment at the end of each month. Thanks.”

— D.O. June 2021


You can see many more testimonials here.

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