Head Office

Field Support Centre

Most companies call it the head office. At Genistar, it’s called the Field Support Centre because this team works hand in hand with the field leaders to give them the support they need to serve our clients.They also support and lead the various teams within the Field Support Centre.

Senior Management Team

The senior management team is responsible for developing Genistar’s business strategy and works to ensure that company objectives are met.

Business Integrity

This is the team that works to keep Genistar operating in a manner that meets all regulatory requirements set out by governing bodies such as the FCA.

Business Solutions

Our front of the house team is the first point of contact for any queries from our Executive Vice President’s, the leaders in the field and they focus on ensuring our clients receive excellent customer service.

HR, Learning and Development

This team focuses on employee relations, company culture and personal development

IT Development

This team develops and manages the company’s online systems.

IT Infrastructure

This team manages and deals with all the in-house operations of Genistar’s IT systems.

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