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07 April 2022

Students to Study Book Written by Genistar CEO

The small American high school where Genistar CEO, Jeff Lestz, attended is now studying his book, Against All Odds. The book talks about Jeff’s life story and his philosophy about overcoming obstacles.


20 Apr 2020

Helping Key Workers

‘Financial services firm Genistar has seen a sharp rise in key and essential workers contacting them for support. As a result, they are now offering free financial coaching on how to be smarter with money and become debt free.’


Vol 5, Issue 2, 2019

The Road to Financial Freedom

‘The journey to financial freedom is an area that Genistar is familiar with – having helped many people get there – but as with anything else, taking action is a necessity.’

Read about the three steps necessary to reach financial freedom.


Issue 22, May 2019

Genistar: Helping People to Become Financially Independent

Now the fastest growing business of its kind in the UK, Genistar is a financial education company mission focused on helping families become debt free and financially independent. We do this through education and by involving YOU in the planning process. Instead of advice we offer something better: education to make the right choices.’


31 Oct 2019

The Triumphant Story of Jeff Lestz and Genistar

‘Once a homeless orphan living on the streets of Chicago, Jeff Lestz has come such a long way that he has literally changed the financial destiny of thousands of people. Here he tells how this came to be and why he is so determined to see ordinary people obtain financial freedom and live debt-free.’


17 May 2019

How to save $1 million, according to the experts

Jeff Lestz, CEO of Genistar said, ‘to save up that much money, he followed what he called the 10-10-10-70 rule of spending. For every paycheck he earned during those years, he gave 10% to charity, saved 10% in a short-term easy-access fund, invested 10% in a long-term plan… and learned to live on the remaining 70%. “It’s not what you make — it’s what you keep,” he told Business Insider.’

London Business Journal

Vol 4, Issue 4  2018

Eliminate the Gender Pay Gap by Working for Yourself

Read about five powerful ladies who have broken the glass ceiling and closed the gender pay gap by working for themselves at Genistar.


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