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Joyce had her life planned out and all was going well. Then one day, she had a serious accident that left her searching for a new path. Thankfully, that path led her to find Genistar and a different way of helping people.

At Genistar, we are proud to have played a part in Joyce’s story and to have her as part of our team.

Watch Joyce’s story on this short video.



So, before I joined Genistar, my route was fixed from childhood. I did well in sciences, and the process was, you’re gonna go to medical school, and you’re going to become a medical doctor. And I did really well. I was working towards that. I went into medical school and was doing really well. And then a few months before I graduated, I had an accident, quite severe accident, where I had complete amnesia for a few months. So for, I think, four months, I didn’t know anybody around me. So my memory came back slowly. But it did mean that I couldn’t go back and finish medical school when I only had a few months remaining. And that just threw me into a really dark place, I had grown up knowing this was what I was going to be, that I was gonna be a medical doctor. And then a few months before finishing, that path just ended.

So, I ended up in the UK because I had family here, my sister’s a medical doctor. So I ended up coming here. But my journey was never really to come to the UK. It was to study medicine, I’m from Cameroon and Cameroon is majority French speaking, so I was going to train as a medical doctor, go to France, get my specialisation done and go back to practice in Cameroon. But the accident changed that completely. So I came to the UK, got treatment and my memory came back slowly. I’m not sure if it’s fully back yet. But it came back enough for me to go and do a degree in Marketing with Business.

I did that and worked in payroll and worked my way up really quickly because there was this part of me that was just dissatisfied. So any job that I got, I would work really hard. I wanted to get to the top. I got a job in payroll, and I hated it. I moved over and started working as a business analyst. I was contracting, making lots of money, but I still hated it. There was just the emptiness that I was carrying around. And I didn’t recognise it for what it was until I joined Genistar.

Now I wasn’t looking for Genistar. My friend said to me come to a business… she just said ‘a finance thing’. I went along to the Genistar convention in 2018, to the hotel, and all I remember was walking in a room and just seeing a group of really happy people. I said, I’m gonna join it. She said you don’t know what they do. I said, I don’t care. I’m joining. Again, it’s because I’ve been so sad. I didn’t even realise how sad and depressed I was. I had been carrying that around for 10 years. And just trying to do whatever I could to feel like I was succeeding and outwardly it looked like I was succeeding. But inwardly… So I joined Genistar because the people were happy. And then I learned what it is that Genistar really does. And I liked it. Because it came back to the place where its service.

I found that I was able to deliver the service. I’m not able to prescribe medication, but I feel like I’m able to help people and stop them from even going to the doctor. And for me it just clicked it’s like I found that purpose again. After going around and trying everything and just trying to fit in I found it.

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