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By Amelda Woest

There are more than 150,000 people in the UK’s Armed Forces, and every year more than 14,000 of them leave the Service. Genistar helps many of them settle into a meaningful second career.

Steve Jenkins, Senior National Sales Director at Genistar, says that people generally leave the Armed Forces because of retirement after 20-30 years of service or because of physical or mental health problems. They are of different ages and have a range of qualifications and experience, but the adjustment from the military environment to the civilian world, can be a big challenge for some of them. 

How Genistar Supports the Armed Forces

Armed Forces Covenant: Genistar is proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant to actively support Armed Forces families’ access to a wide range of services and to help Service leavers transition out of the Armed Forces, into normal civilian life. Read about the Armed Forces Covenant here.

At Genistar we recognise the value that serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to businesses and to the country, and we are an Armed Forces-friendly organisation.

Career Transition Partnership (CTP): We also have a working relationship with the Career Transition Partnership organisation to reach Service leavers on an ongoing basis. We provide financial education and a Financial Game Plan to help them prepare for the financial demands of their life outside of the Armed Forces. Likewise, we offer the same service to any Armed Forces personnel, even if they are not planning on leaving the Military. 

Financial Education and Business Opportunity

At Genistar our mission is to help educate UK consumers about how money works so they can make informed financial decisions. In addition to that, we offer a business opportunity which allows people to work part-time or full-time and earn income by helping us spread financial knowledge to others. Financial education and the opportunity to build a business are important to everyone and many former Military personnel find our services to be extremely useful.

Bharat Limbu retired from the British Army in 2017, after 24 years of service as a Gurkha – a specialised Nepalese unit with a reputation of being amongst the finest soldiers in the world. He is now enjoying a rewarding second career as a Senior Vice President at Genistar. He has helped many other ex-military personnel with financial education and with transitioning from the Armed Forces into a career at Genistar providing financial education to others. 

Bharat Limbu (Senior Vice President) and Jeff Lestz (Co-CEO of Genistar)

Limbu feels strongly that Genistar’s financial education program is a missing piece from the myriad of services being provided to Service leavers. He believes that it changes people’s way of thinking – it starts them thinking about putting the right measures in place immediately, understanding how to clear debt, making investments from the lump sum the families receive from the Military and utilising their full financial potential, outside of their life in the Armed Forces. 

Genistar is Looking for Leaders

Steve Jenkins meets with Service leavers on a regular basis and is passionate about impacting as many of them as possible. Those who have been in the Armed Forces often have excellent skills which are transferable, and work to their advantage, in Genistar. Jenkins believes the leadership skills that Military personnel acquire are without compare and, when applied in Genistar, are a great asset to both themselves and the company.

After receiving education and support through Genistar’s complimentary Financial Game Plan, many Service leavers have taken up Genistar’s business opportunity, and have made a second career of helping and empowering others to make good financial choices for their own families.

Jenkins says that every time he does a presentation to Service leavers, there is consistent interest to join Genistar as a representative in the future. He is convinced that with the ongoing support of organisations and charities such as the CTP, Service leavers will be successful in their pursuit of a new career path in civilian life.

Whether this new career might be within the Genistar family or not, we wish all Military personnel much success. 

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