Genistar Course: A Winning Mindset

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Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Your thoughts and state of mind affect your moods, attitudes, and even your health. By making an effort to change your mindset, you can produce positive changes that will alter your entire life.

With the right mindset, you will begin to see challenges as opportunities, and failures become a chance to learn and grow.

A Winning Mindset Course

Having a winning mindset will help you in every area of your life, and mastering the four simple steps covered in this course can set you on the path to a happier future.

This free, short, video course is presented by Steve Jenkins. Steve has been in the financial services business for many years and was one of the founders of Genistar. In addition to educating his many clients about financial concepts, he has trained up a large team of leaders to do the same. A winning mindset is an important part of Steve’s philosophy, both in his personal and business life.

In this course, Steve presents four simple steps to set us on the right track toward developing a winning mindset:

  • Focus On What’s Going Right in Your Life
  • Take the Challenge to Go Seven Days without a Negative Thought
  • Become Curious
  • Appreciate Others
  • Decide Not to Be Perfect

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